Taking Care of your Terrarium

1.    Lighting

  • Place your terrarium in a well-lit area

  • Avoid placing your terrariums under direct sunlight.

  • Direct exposure to sunlight or heat source (i.e lighting fixture) can cause your plants/mosses to turn brown.

2.   Water & Moisture

  • Moisture is essential for the survival or your plants/moss in the terrarium. Since terrariums are essentially self-contained ecosystems in an enclose jar, they are able to ‘recycle and reuse’ the water through transpiration. Therefore, there is no need for frequent watering.

  • In the event where there is a lack of moisture in your terrarium, you can simply water them with a few spray pumps increase the moisture level in your terrarium.

  • Inadequate amount of water and your moss will be as dry as a yellow brick, whereas excessive watering will cause your moss to rot perish. A right balance is the key.

3.   Pruning

  • If you notice that your plants have grown too tall to fit your terrarium, you can prune them to your desired size and height.

  • Also, do take note of algae, dead plants or fungus that might grow inside your terrarium. It is important to remove them in order to keep your terrarium healthy.

4.   Temperature

  • Heat draft or prolong exposure to heat source (i.e server, heater or radiator) are usually the main cause of failure for terrariums. Therefore, it is important that you do not place them in warm temperature spots.

  • Enclose terrariums are able to tolerate temperature that range between cool (air conditioned) to room temperature.

  • Based on our experience, placing them in room with air conditioning will spur the mosses within the enclose terrarium to grow faster as compared to growing them in room temperature. Even so, they will still take some time to grow, but the end results are impressive and definitely rewarding.