InOut is Singapore's Top Terrarium Maker

We are voted as top Terrarium Maker in Singapore. 

"In Out terrariums are reasonably priced and are affordable to the masses but that does not mean they compromise on the quality of their products. As architecture students with a design background, they have a lot of advantages over other terrarium makers as they have acquired software skills and design knowledge which benefit them a lot throughout these two years." - TallyPress


Letting the Outside In

The mission of InOut Atelier is really to ease our eyes off the pain of the digital world and introduce us to some calming and relaxing greenery all in the comfort of our homes. And they have been able to accomplish this with their numerous workshops and services that allow for anyone to come and create their own living art piece from the outside world to admire inside. - ActuallyMag

The Honey Combers

Greenify your home and office with these zen terrariums

InOut Atelier

Because of its intricate nature, terrariums can often be expensive. In Out Atelier puts out the simple and tasteful arrangements, with an affordable price tag! Even the workshops are decently priced too. Kudos on making terrariums accessible to just about anyone! - The Honey Combers