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Moss Frames

We are proud to introduce our very own moss frame which consists of preserved mosses! And it simply means sparing you the hassle of maintenance.

Our versatile and attractive moss frames come in different sizes too! Which definitely fit in every corner of your house to give a little spruce. Furthermore, a little personal touch goes a long way in your cozy space, customize according to your delight with your favorite captions!

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Mossariums & Terrariums

A Terrarium is a collection of plants/mosses grown in a transparent, enclosed environment and it makes a perfect gift for any light-deprived space! 

"Why You Ask?" - The choices of plants and materials used in our terrarium require minimal day-lighting and the enclosed ecosystem does the watering for you. Hence you have the best of both worlds of a maintenance 'free' indoor greenery. Also, our design team will ensure that the design of your terrarium meets your standard. So let's hop on the journey with us to bring more greenery indoors!

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Terrarium Workshops

Apart from the love of advocating greenery indoors, we love to educate as well! To be able to spread the knowledge of terrarium building has been our greatest ethos and we are darn proud of that!

Our experience with terrarium building started way back in 2008, where the concept of terrarium is still foreign in Singapore. Through many years of experimenting and trial and error. The team finally devised the proper technique and skills in terrarium building. 

Therefore by signing up for our workshop, you are basically getting 10 years of 'lesson learnt' condensed into a two-hour session. A pretty good deal I would say!


Corporate Gifts

Did we mention we graduated from design school? Apart from the love of greenery, we also love a good curated design.
With our newly acquired laser engraving machine, we are slowly expanding our portfolio to incorporate corporate gifts and wedding favors for you! 

Find out more by clicking the link below!