About Us 

In Out comprises of a group of young designers who wants to bring affordable terrarium to everyone. We believe that the appreciation of greenery shouldn’t solely be kept outdoors but through the senses of our daily comfort indoor as well. With the concept of ‘living art’, we aspire to transform people from their hectic lives into miniature figurines and put them into a world of terrarium appreciating the landscape through the eyes of the maker from the inside-out of the terrarium, to bring forth tranquillity and harmony to the soul. Likewise, appreciation of the terrarium from the outside in-as ornaments for your homes, events and shops, it gives the space a little touch of aesthetic and life.


Food for thought

How do we define inside and outside? What are the distinct qualities that set them apart? One could simply say that inside spaces are places that we dwell in, where we feel the safest, within the confinement of our own walls whereas outside spaces are basically the transitional spaces between two or more inside spaces. Some might even say that outside spaces are places that we are unfamiliar with. However, would there even be an inside or outside space had man and architecture not begin to segregate them? The reason why we are called ourselves as InOut Atelier is because we took a questionable approach by this phrase “Outside In, Inside Out”. Due to this uncertain comparison, we challenged ourselves to explore the realms of the spaces through a marriage between these two. Thus, the beginning of our brainchild- InOut Atelier


The result of the rapid industrialization of the modern city has caused us to forget the symbiotic relation between man and nature. What InOut Atelier aims to achieve is to bring nature back into the comforts of our indoor spaces. With the introduction of our well-crafted designs, InOut Atelier wishes to see indoor spaces become vibrant, elegant and therapeutic, through a dose of green, to welcome; beckoning, some might say. and as a conversation starter to achieve a cohesive design language between the hardscape and softscape.